​​Bringing technology closer to social impact


Hi I am Lucia, founder of Red Wara, where we help women of Latin América to take their first steps into entrepreneurship.


In early 2020 I was feeling frustrated with my projects, because I didn't know how to put all the pieces together, I was afraid of failure and I was very stressed. It was clear to me that I was out of technical and emotional support. And it was a feeling of loneliness bigger that my motivation.


So the magic happened. But that time I used to hang out with friends and talk all day about our ideas and projects. And I realized that my fear was not just mine, but a common factor in the room. I deep dive into the topic, and discovered that a lot of womens in Latin America need technical and emotional support to initiate entrepreneurship. So in a energic response, I created Red Wara. To date with my lovely team we have designed a mentorship specially for the context of Latin American womens. We have awarded grants for more than 35 womens. In 2021 we seek to reach more than 200 womens. But to achieve that target we needed to change our business model. That is why we arrived in the world of NFTs.


If you are here it is because you found our FIRST NFT. The money that we manage to raise with the sale of it will be reinvested in a new collection. So with the first production we aim to launch the next Red Wara call for women who wish to start an entrepreneurship.


Will you be the one who help us?